1. Q. What kind of funding is available for a prosthesis?

A. The Assistive Devices Program can be accessed for assistance to pay up to 75% of a standard prosthesis. The War Amputations of Canada are there for those who require help with funding with a portion of the balance and do not have insurance. The remainder would be the responsibility of the client/private insuranc See the FUNDING page for more info.

2. Q. How often will my limb need to be replaced?

A. The average limb lasts 2 to 5 years. This depends on each individuals' age, activity level and lifestyle. The Asssistive Devices Program will fund a prosthetic once every 3 years if needed. They will also fund a socket change within that three year period if it is required due to a medical change.

3. Q. How do I go about getting a prosthesis paid for by Assistive Devices Program?

A. The client would have to go through an ADP Registered Amputee Clinic. A team which consists of the doctor (physiatrist), physiotherapist and prosthetist would assess them.

4. Q. How much will my prosthesis cost?

A.The cost of the prosthesis would vary depending on:
- Level of amputation
- Type of prosthesis prescribed
- Types of components in the prosthesis

Before we start with any prothesis, we give the client an estimate, to give them a general idea of what their costs might be.

5. Q. How long will it take to get my prosthesis once it has been prescribed?

A. A. Once the prothesis has been prescribed, we will start casting, manufacturing and fitting the prosthesis. This procedure will take approximately two to six weeks depending on the fitting of the prosthesis.


    Jim assists Ben in learning all the options for his prosthesis